Business Resources

The City of Jersey City is a great place to do business!

Jersey City has a large diverse population that is nearly 250,000 strong and growing thanks to easy access to transporation of all kinds. If there isn’t already a market here for your goods or services, there soon will be. I know, because I’ve started my own business here.

Below are some resources just for businesses here in Jersey City:

Cover image for Business Connect booklet

Starting a business in Jersey City

We love new businesses in Jersey City. The city website has a great resource for planning your new location called Business Connect. Don’t forget to download the booklet and look up the UEZ (Urban Enterprise Zone).


Downtown Special Improvement District (SID)

We have a special improvement district (SID) near the Grove Street PATH station here in Downtown. You might have noticed the area is thriving! This is a public-private partnership run by the HDSID and they do a great job bringing street fairs, farmers markets, music, and shopping to the area. More information is on their website at

Doing Business with Jersey City

If you would like to do business with Jersey City, please search the current list of public contracts to see if there is a need for the goods or services you offer.

Earned Sick Leave FAQ

One of my achievements as Ward E Councilwoman is the Earned Sick Time Ordinance (JCESTO) which went into effect in January of 2014. The JCESTO requires that all local businesses operating in Jersey City with 10 or more employees provide up to 5 paid sick days to their employees each year and that companies with fewer employees provide 5 unpaid sick days. I have a FAQ for small business owners here.